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What is Special Mission Team Assessment Day?

Special Mission Team is a program developed by experienced business coaches and real Military and Police Elite Units Operators to help you grow the potential of your team. 

In collaboration with we take you and your team on a 1 (long) day adventure where we will test your abilities to function under pressure as a group. 

At the end of the day we provide you with a feedback on where you stand regarding your :

Who is SMT Assessment Day for?

SMT Assessment Day has been specifically designed to help teams of about 12 people from the business or organizational world.

Whether you are a profit or a non-profit organization, an NGO or a small family business, you will learn how to work better as a team thanks to the SMT Assessment Day.


Why Military and Police Elite Units Operators?

Military and Police Elite Units operators are the most trained and better selected people from the Army, the Navy or the Police. They operate in small units behind enemy lines or in extremely hostile environment. 

Contrary to conventional forces, they illustrate themselves by their ability to think fast and quickly adapt to rapidly changing situations. They are extremely stress resistant and have to take decisions that have life and death consequences. 

Through the years, they have selected and developed the best methods to organize projects, lead people, endure extreme stress and adapt themselves to unpredictable situations.

What SMT is not!

Special Mission Team Assessment Day is not a fitness bootcamp selection type of day. That means that we won’t challenge you physically like you might have seen on TV when Special Forces are represented. So no push-ups, no extreme running or physical punishment, or yelling of any sort. We welcome you and your team with your physical abilities and work with it. To make sure we can accommodate your fitness level, a coach checks with you prior to your participation whether you are fit to go through the day with us.

SMT Assessment Day is not a military tactic training. You will plan and execute a mission in the “Special Forces” style, but your primary objective will be to avoid confrontation with the opposing force. Stealth and silence will be your best allies. So no shooting parties or physical confrontation is advised. If that is what you are looking for, we recommend you to check Airsoft or Paintball centers 🙂

SMT Assessment Day is not your average teambuilding day. Even if you will have fun and will have a memorable day out with your team, the intention is not just to enjoy yourselves but to find ways to build a better functioning team.

Concretely, what will happen?

Passed the initial briefing and the safety rules presented, you are going to be “Special Forces Operators” for a day. You will be assigned a mission that is realistic for the Military and Police Elite Units. Real experienced and active members of the Military and Police Elite Units will guide you through the day and help you going through the mission.They will participate with the business coach to the creation of a scorecard on your performance as an individual and as a team.

At the end of the day, you will have a few opportunities to debrief and take lessons of what you did both individually and as a team.

We can of course accompany you later in the design of a team development program if you wanted to. The SMT Assessment Day will then be used as a base line for the development of the potential of your team through targeted workshops, trainings and coaching sessions.


Pierre-Yves Hittelet

Pierre-Yves has a 25 years business experience first as a manager and trainer with companies like Levi Strauss Europe & CO, Sony , Mobistar…And then as a self employed coach, trainer and consultant with clients such as:

European Commission and Parliament, Eurojust, Accenture, BDO, Greenpeace, IBA, HID, Intys Consulting, Police Fédérale, ING, GSK, AG Insurance, SPF Finances, BNP, Directions des écoles de la COCOF, Eurocontrol, STIB/MIVB, HR Rail…

Alongside his coaching business, Pierre-Yves is also an accomplished martial arts teacher. His affinity and connections with the Military and Police Elite Units and experience in the corporate world make him the perfect coach to help you making the link between these two worlds.

Active or recently retired operators from Military and Police Elite Units (DSU, SFG…)

During the entire SMT Assessment Day, you will be accompanied, challenged and coached by still active or recently retired operators from Military and Police Elite Units (DSU, SFG…). For security reasons, their identities will remain secret.

The Special Forces Group (SFG) is the elite unit of the Belgian Army. They conduct special reconnaissance, rescue or direct action missions and train foreign armies. Their operators are hand picked and intensively trained to be able to adapt to any situation they face. They are often deployed in war zones like Afghanistan, Irak…

Directorate Special Units (DSU) is the Elite Unit of the Federal Police. It regroups different special units amongst which the original “Groupe Diane” created in 1972. They are among others responsibilities specialized in counter terrorism operations like Verviers, the arrest of Salah Abdedslam… This unit will be deployed in cases of barricaded persons, hostage taking, arrests of high value targets or to protect high profile individuals like heads of states visiting our country.

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